MATCHA in the snow

I have started an adventure, a trip to known places in my mind, but undiscovered.
I will taste and smell the colours of my ideas, will look for everyday beauty and will create with my hands, so fluently as water and sounding like the wind.

It begins with making, … a cup of TEA

In this cup, I see, when I am concentrated and allert, the world, as the Chinese people say.

Look in a cup of tea, and view the world

It’s not evident. Time, surrounding, atmosphere have to make a constellation in wich you can open your eyes and you can feel as a part of the world.

I will not only look in the cup, but also at the cup and all the attributes. While I’m brewing tea, I feel the peace and the spirit of my act, followed by drinking the harmony of  the whole scene. Where the taste of different cultures meets the acquirement of craftsmanship, I will keep my thoughts for a second, to warm me up and to inspire me and then let to vaporize them like the steam of my hot tea.

It’s winter now. I enjoy a japanese MATCHA, sitting outside on the  edge of our garden, I can hear the silence of the breath of our lawn under the snow.

 photo's: Iris Weichler

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