Spring is not yet in the air here in Belgium. This long winter has one advantage: during cold and wet days, I had the opportunity to make a lot of teaware.  It is a long way from clay to an useful teapot, but finally, today I can brew a Japanese Sencha in my ‘kyusu’.

A kyusu is a traditional Japanese teapot, often with a side handle. This handle must have the right angle to pour comfortable. I show a small sized kyusu about 150ml, used for high grade Japanese green tea, such as Sencha. After picked, the tealeaves of Sencha are steamed, rubbed and then dried. A good Sencha smells of fresh green grass.

I long for this smell, I long for spring. Fortunately, I can drink tea and wait ….

Patience is a virtue.

Photo's, kyusu, teacups and presentation vessel (stoneware): Iris Weichler