Summer for me is a very exhausting time … I mean, there is an abundance of impressions on me.

The air is saturated with bright colours and dazzling light. Sultry heat makes every move slower.
Guests come in and out, they arrive sweated on their bicycles, breathing leisure and  after one or a few nights, they leave with ‘sweet dreams’ in their luggage.

On such a warm summer day, the lightness of fluttering butterflies, a refreshing breeze and an icy tea are the perfect ingredients to cool down.
I do not often drink rooibos tea, but ice-cooled, with fresh lemon and orange juice and a bit of maple syrup, it is the heaven on earth. You can taste the sun of South- Africa, the land where this tea comes from.

Recently I’ve made a couple of cups ‘by accident’. The form was not satisfactory for me and I could not use them for which they were originally intended. Because they stood in the way, I finally glazed them and experimented with a combination of two glazes. The end result is so great, so why not use them for tea I thought? Here at home, the cups are now very popular, as the rooibos tea. I think that I should make more of them.

Pottery and drinking tea is like the flight of a butterfly.
Delicate and playful, searching for the right flower. Than let your body rest, just for a moment, and spread your wings open to the cosmos.

Photo’s and tea cups (stoneware): Iris Weichler