Spring 2015

New ideas, new projects, new doubts, new worries

Proud and passionate, naked and vulnerable at the same time
Plenty of inspiration and yet a feeling of a certain emptiness 

So grateful for what I have and never be satisfied about what I give

While I think about this, what can be better than let the clay spin around in my hands or treat myself on a good cup of tea.
A very good cup of tea: Gyokuro, shaded green tea of Japan, translates as 'jewel dew'

I do the thin needle shaped leaves into a shiboridashi teapot. The best watertemperature to prepare this tea is 50°C – 60°C . That's why I use a yuzamashi, to cool down the water. Than I pour the water over the tea, just enough to cover the leaves. The first infusion has to steep for 3 minutes. For the subsequent infusions the steeping time is no longer than 30 seconds

I get not much tea but each drop is so special and full of umami flavor 

A tastefully jewel for all my thoughts during this spring

Many thanks to 'Die Teekammer' for the Gyokuro tea
Photo’s and text: Iris Weichler
Ceramic objects, shiboridashi (teapot) and yuzamashi (water cooler) (stoneware): Iris Weichler