In Japanese teaceremony  Chanoyu, the ceramic tea caddy or cha-ire is a very important utensil

It ‘s a small ceramic jar with a lid and contains the fine powder green tea, matcha, which is used for making koicha, thick tea.
During the ceremony matcha will be whisked directly in the tea bowl (chawan) by using a bamboo whisk (chasen), after added water with a temperature between 70°C and 80°C. :  
a cup of foaming liquid jade

Unlike the perfection of all the actions and the movements during the ceremony, the used ceramic items breathe the philosophy of the Japanese aesthetic view wabi

It’s the aesthetic principle that beauty can be find in simple and unfinished objects
It’s an indefinable beauty that waits patiently to be discovered

Give me a cup of tea and I will colour the emptiness of these grey days

Photo’s and Cha- ire (stoneware, black glazed with red accents): Iris Weichler

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