Japanese tea ceremony or chanoyu is a beautiful and serene way for preparing matcha, the green powder tea
But the complex ritual goes far beyond the simple drinking of tea

It’s an attidude, an experience
It’s a matter of elegance and gratitude

A Japanese tea ceremony is like to step into a still life

The equipment for a Japanese tea ceremony is quite comprehensive
Each object  has a very specific use and a role in the ceremony and it should invite to be touched
It controls the sequence of actions during the ceremony

Making tea is nothing less than playing with time and space
and appreciating the beauty of the moment 

Like the last summer fruit that hangs patiently to mature, enjoying his own quiet life

Here I show the ceramic objects that I’ve made to prepare matcha.

Clockwise, starting left in the middle: teacaddy for matcha, kensui (the waste water jar), mizusashi (the lidded container for fresh cold water) and the chawan (teabowl)

Photo’s and text: Iris Weichler
Ceramic objects (stoneware): Iris Weichler

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