Today I leave seduce me by a Pu Erh tea, a Chinese fermented, pressed tea of 2002.
Especially by preparing and drinking Pu Erh, you can create a total experience, even more intense than other tea. 
I catch the scent of the tea while I unfold the paper, behold the beautiful shape of the cake and break the tea very carefully with soft power. While I’m waiting till the tea is ready, he tells me his life story on the basis of his rich colour and  intense fragrance

After a first encounter, I decided to make a teapot for Pu Erh. When I kneaded the clay, I remembered a deep aroma of plum that I’ve tasted. When the potter’s wheel was running, it was like I ‘m walking through an orchard of plum trees. With the very rich tradition of Chinese teapots in my mind, I wanted to make one for here and now, even elegant and smooth as the tea itself.

The knotted string which links the lid with the handle is a traditional use; It prevents that the lid of the teapot falls. Moreover you can hold the teapot without burning your fingers.
I would like to thank my oldest son, who helped me with the string. He is very skilled in that sort of thing.

There she was at my feet.  Slow but firm she continues her way
Equally slow like a snail, this tea needs time to mature

The slowness of things makes me realize that I too need time to create
Slow but firm I continue my way
Photo's and text: Iris Weichler
Teapot, teacups and plate (stoneware): Iris Weichler
The sisal string is made by Casper Teirlinck

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