On a windy morning in may, I step into my herb garden and pick a few leaves of lemon verbena Aloysia triphylla
It is a fresh, aromatic herb, with a strong taste of lemon and in that way, great for making tea

Originally, this herb comes from South-America, specifically from Chile and Argentina
It is also known as Lemon Luisa or Yerba Louisa, because the plant was named after Marie Louisa, Princess of Parma (1748-1819), who became Queen of Spain. In the eighteenth century, the Spaniards brought the plant to Europe, where it meanwhile can grow perfectly, provided protection in winter

The tea set that I wanted to make for such kind of teas, had to be simple in shape and colour, equally fresh and light as the herbal infusion

The inspiration came with the wind
a downy feather landed next to me on my garden bench
for a brief moment
lost by a bird, just in dialogue with the wind

Actually, It is the lightness of this moment that I want to capture with my ceramics
Clay, at some point released by my hands, just in dialogue with the tea
and when I'm drinking, I can taste the stories that they tell each other

Photo’s and text: Iris Weichler
Teapot, honey pot, teacup with small plate, small dish (handmade stoneware): Iris Weichler

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